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Learn about upcoming features as well as recent updates to Extempore.

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Please submit new ideas and feature requests on the Extempore Ideas Portal.


  • Copy Questions - this features allows questions to be copied between assessments.

  • Assessment Security Features - control 'Safe Mode' features separately and for each assessment instead of "all or nothing" at the account level.

    • Navigation Warnings - warnings for students who navigate away from a question when enabled and notification for the teacher.

    • No Submission Review - prevent students from reviewing submission until grades/feedback is provided.

    • Accept Late Work - allow late work or close the assessment after the due date

    • Support Copy/Paste - prevent or allow students to copy paste text for an assessment

  • Archiving Assessments - to keep assessment lists clean without needing to delete each submission before being able to delete an assessment.

June to August 2023

  • New Rubrics - Our largest release yet to support proficiency based rubrics, ability to create/share district rubrics, attach rubrics to questions, and more.

May 2023

  • Synchronous Group Improvements - connecting with group members has been streamlined to increase reliability to ensure students are able to connect with their group.

    • Ability to "Add Groups" to Synchronous Rooms to allow more flexibility when arranging rooms.

April 2023

  • Reset "view as student" submissions directly from the student interface so teachers can quickly test and reset questions without needing to go back and forth in the gradebook.

  • Expand Video Submissions in Gradebook - teachers can now expand videos from the Gradebook.

March 2023

  • Section Support for LMS Integrations - supporting sections from Canvas and Schoology so that each section has it's own class in Extempore.

  • Support up to 8 Rubric Criteria - increasing the maximum criteria from 5 to 8 for more rubric flexibility.

February 2023

January 2023

  • YouTube Question Prompts - this feature allows teacher to copy/paste a YouTube URL as a question prompt.

December 2022

  • Half Point Rubrics - teachers can now score with half points from the Gradebook.

  • Playback Speed Student Accommodations - teachers can choose which students should be able to control the playback speed for question prompts to allow slower than normal playback.

  • Response Type & Limitations moving from Assessment page to Question page for more flexible assessments.

  • Save as Draft - not ready to schedule an assessment? No problem. Save as draft and assign to students later.

    • View as Student for Draft Assessments - teachers will no longer need to make an assessment active in order to 'view as student'

  • Customize Prompt Replays - teachers will have the ability to choose if students can replay media prompts or not.

November 2022

  • Skip students who haven't responded when clicking 'Save & Next' from Gradebook to seamlessly flow through questions with submissions.

  • Added response type icons when teachers are viewing the question list to see at a glance instead of needing to edit the assessment to see the response type.

  • Removed 3, 2, 1 countdown for teacher feedback.

  • Retain Gradebook filters so teachers don't need to adjust filters each time they load a new class.

  • Ability to slow down recordings to .75 if students are speaking too quickly.

  • Dynamically search Gradebook and see the table adapt with each character typed to locate information quicker.

October 2022

  • Download attempts from Gradebook

  • Display Rubric Tooltip by clicking the criteria name to decrease the need to scroll.

  • Quickly navigate to Edit Assessment page from Gradebook by clicking the menu in the column header > edit assessment.

  • Go to Gradebook from assessment list to quickly view submissions from a given assessment.

September 2022

  • Automatic LMS Assignment and Grade Sync for Canvas, Schoology, Microsoft Teams, Brightspace by D2L, Blackboard, and Moodle. Grades and assignments provided on Extempore display immediately in the LMS gradebook.

  • Waveform in Gradebook for audio submissions for easier navigation on the audio file.

August 2022

  • LMS/SIS Rostering and SSO for Canvas, Schoology, Microsoft Teams, Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle, Classlink, RapidIdentity, HelloID, and ClassGather. Making onboarding a breeze by provisioning teacher/student accounts and classes.

July 2022

  • Organization Commons - a space to share and import assessments within your organization.

  • Customize Response Type by Question - include all response types in a single assessment instead of needing to create a separate assignment per response.

  • Real-time responses for Asynchronous Rooms - group responses now display immediately for students without needing to refresh the page to show new responses (similar to receiving a text message when the conversation is already opened)

June 2022

    • Statuses - at a glance, see which assessments are Active, Scheduled, Past Due, Drafts or Closed.

    • Filters - filter based on assessment status to only see the assessments you want to see.

  • Minimum Recording Length - prevent students from submitting until they've recorded for a certain amount of time.

  • Show/Hide Question Prompt - the ability to determine if the question prompt should be visible or hidden after Time to Review ends.

  • Timer Improvements - consistent timer functionality across all question types, including Multiple Choice. Includes the ability for students to replay the question media multiple times before the time to review ends.

May 2022

  • Account Preference for Language Keyboard - by default, the language keyboard will now be disabled for all accounts and can be enabled from Account Preferences. (Primary use is for less commonly taught languages not supported by device keyboards)

April 2022

March 2022

  • Extended Time (Accommodations) - This will allow teachers to choose which students should receive extended time from the class list by setting 1.5x, 2x, or a custom multiplier to extend the Extempore timed limitations for select students.

February 2022

  • New Gradebook (beta) - The New Extempore Gradebook combines functionality from Grading and Gradebook into a single page. Allowing teachers to easily track progress, review submissions, view/edit scores or feedback, export specific views, and more without leaving the page!

  • Timed Limitation for Multiple Choice - Timers and single attempt can now be included for multiple choice questions to make them timed and lockable.

January 2022

  • Customize Sync Room Recordings - Now teachers can choose 10, 15, or 20 minute maximum recordings for sync rooms. Previously 10 minutes was the only option.

  • Sync Group Participant Limit Increase - The maximum group size was increased from 4 to 6 students with this update.

December 2021

  • Real-Time Sync Room Online Status - Students will now see group members online status update immediately. Previously, students needed to wait up to 30-seconds for status to update.

November 2021

October 2021

  • Accent Mark Keyboard - For written responses, students can now select a language to access the language specific keyboard for accent marks or character set.

September 2021

  • Raw Points or Percentages - Teachers can now toggle between raw points (default) and percentage scores which is how scores will display for students.

  • Extempore Commons - Our comprehensive database of assessments that instructors can import directly into their accounts. The goal behind Commons is for instructors to find any type of assessment (formative/summative), for any mode of communication, for any level, for any language, for any content.

August 2021

April 2021

March 2021

  • Synchronous Groups - In our newest feature, students can chat face-to-face and connect on Extempore just like they would on Zoom or Google Meet. Once finished, these conversations are recorded and sent back to the instructor for feedback and individualized grading.

  • Student Navigation Warnings - Tracks instances where students navigated away from Extempore during a single attempt question.

February 2021

Option to Not Accept Late Work

  • By default, late work is accepted on Extempore. Late submissions will be labeled in red as late in the Grading tab. Read more about preventing students from submitting late work.

Grading Tab Performance Enhancement

  • The grading tab now loads faster than ever.


New Student Mobile App

  • New look/feel for students and bug fixes

  • Recordings for timed responses will now begin automatically!

  • Video recordings no longer take up the entire screen so students can record while they view the prompt.

  • Extempore prevents students from being able to paste text for written responses.

  • Include text, video, or audio files as answer choices. Assess either interpretive mode with multiple-choice questions.

  • Save and reuse rubrics for future assessments.

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