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  • Student Portfolio - In our upcoming feature, students will be able to 'star' work and track their overall progress on Extempore for the duration of their academic careers.

  • Gradebook Redesign - improved reporting and exporting capabilities with a brand new look.

August 2021

April 2021

March 2021

  • Synchronous Groups - In our newest feature, students can chat face-to-face and connect on Extempore just like they would on Zoom or Google Meet. Once finished, these conversations are recorded and sent back to the instructor for feedback and individualized grading.

  • Student Navigation Warnings - Tracks instances where students navigated away from Extempore during a single attempt question.

February 2021

Option to Not Accept Late Work

  • By default, late work is accepted on Extempore. Late submissions will be labeled in red as late in the Grading tab. Read more about preventing students from submitting late work.

Grading Tab Performance Enhancement

  • The grading tab now loads faster than ever.


New Student Mobile App

  • New look/feel for students and bug fixes

  • Recordings for timed responses will now begin automatically!

  • Video recordings no longer take up the entire screen so students can record while they view the prompt.

Written Responses

  • Extempore prevents students from being able to paste text for written responses.

Multiple Choice

  • Include text, video, or audio files as answer choices. Assess either interpretive mode with multiple-choice questions.

Saved Rubrics

  • Save and reuse rubrics for future assessments.

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