AP Practice on Extempore

Extempore's flexibility allows teachers to create aligned practice for AP World Language Exams.

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There's a lot you can do on Extempore to prepare your students for the AP World Language exams. This guide provides background on everything from the email reply, to simulated conversation, and cultural comparison.

For a more in-depth look at Extempore and AP practice, head over to our blog series, YouTube channel, or dedicated page.

AP Email Reply

Creating prompts to mimic the AP email reply prompt is simple. When creating a question within Extempore, add text in regards to the AP theme as well as any specific directions for the student to follow. Then, either include the target language email as text or attach an image.

Set the time to respond for 15 minutes (or any other preferred time) and your question is complete, producing something like the image below.

For more on AP email prompts on Extempore, watch this short video.

AP Simulated Conversation

Within Extempore teachers can use the unique simulated conversation response type to mimic these types of AP questions. Watch the video below to see how it works, or skip down to the directions below.

How to create Simulated Conversation prompts

Step 1. Within the question creation page, select simulated conversation. Once selected, the standard directions for AP simulated conversation prompts will populate in the directions box.

Step 2. Add an optional introduction text, upload the conversation outline, and add the corresponding audio file. Use the cropping tool if needed to omit the directions & wait time (we've got that covered) and isolate the exchanges only.

Step 3. Click save to finish.

AP Cultural Comparison

Creating cultural comparison prompts involves adding some directional text and setting appropriate time parameters.

Step 1. Start at the question creation page and insert the appropriate prompt for your students.

Step 2. Then, set time to review and time to respond timers. Standard cultural comparison prompts allow for four minutes of preparation time and two minutes of response time.

Step 3. Add a rubric if desired, and you're done!

For more on cultural comparison prompts, watch this video.

AP Rubrics

For teachers looking to score and give feedback on AP prompts, Extempore has premade rubrics that you can attach directly to questions.

How to access AP Rubrics

Step 1. On the top menu bar, click rubrics. Then, navigate to the global rubrics tab. Global rubrics show rubrics that are available to all users on Extempore.

Step 2. Click the button on the left to preview that rubric. Click the right button to copy it to your account.

For more on adding rubrics to questions, click here.

AP Resources by Language

For more assessments and practice designed to replicate AP prompts, head on over to Extempore Commons to find what you need. Filter by language or prompt type and then import directly into your account.

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