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Learn how to use Extempore to help prepare your students (and yourself) for) AP World Language Exams.

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Designing practice for the AP World Language and Culture Exam is simple on Extempore. This guide shows you how to create practice that replicates the question styles of the Simulated Conversation and Cultural Comparison sections of the exam.

You can also reference our blog series which lays out how to prepare for each section of the AP exam.

As an online platform, Extempore is built for language education and created with speaking practice and assessments in mind, whether in the classroom or in a remote learning environment. Teachers are able to create assignments that students can answer either via writing, speech, or multiple choice from any device. Assignments on Extempore have a wide range of configurable parameters that can be adjusted according to teachers’ learning goals, and these parameters can be configured to simulate the experience of the AP language exam.

Using Extempore for AP Exam Prep

When you create a question in Extempore, you can upload prompts to which students can respond. For simulated conversation practice, use our simulated conversation tool. Simply upload a conversation outline and the conversation audio file. The rest is done for you. Watch the video for more on how to create simulated conversations in Extempore.

You can see sample speaking prompts provided by the College Board here.

Extra resources

Looking for more authentic assessments for your classes? Head on over to Extempore Commons to find all the practice that your students needs. Use the filters to find exactly what you need.

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