Control students' 'Time to Respond'

With Extempore, teachers can control the students' "Time to Respond".

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There are two timers on Extempore related to controlling students' response time. For example, a teacher might want students to record for at least 20 seconds (minimum) but not longer than 1 minute (maximum).

Time to Respond

(maximum response time)

Protect your time by setting the maximum recording length for students.

*Recording will be submitted automatically when response time ends.

Prevent students from being able to submit until they've recorded for the length of time you've selected.

To add Timed Limitations, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create or Edit a Question

Step 2: Set the "Limit Time to Respond"

Minimum Response Time

Optional Step: Set the "Minimum Response Time" to prevent students from submitting before the time you've determined.

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