Assessment Status



Current date is between the start/due date.

Available to students.

Due date set to past date & 'Accept Late Work' enabled

Available to students and new submissions labeled as late. Disable 'Accept Late Work' if students should not have access to past due assessments.

Start date set to a future date

Not available to students until the start date/time is reached.

Due date in the past & 'Accept Late Work' disabled

Not available to students. Edit the due date to make available or enable 'Accept Late Work'

Class copied/imported. Assessment dates must be adjusted to make available.

Not available to students. Edit the start date to make available.

Both the Past Due and Closed statuses are determined by Extempore's 'Accept Late Work' feature. This feature can be enabled/disabled from your Account Preferences.

  • Past Due means 'Accept Late Work' is enabled. The assessment can be accessed by students but will be labeled late when submitted.

  • Closed means 'Accept Late Work' is disabled. The assessment cannot be accessed by students.

Additionally, you will be able to filter your assessments through the "Status Filters". By clicking on the individual statuses, you will be able to display the assessments in that stage.

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