Extempore Sync allows teachers to group students into breakout rooms within Extempore. Room recordings begin automatically when the first student joins.

IMPORTANT! Please advise students to turn off their camera and microphone on Zoom or Google Meet.
Student view for Extempore Sync. Extempore of a group of 3.


  • Groups Size: 2-4

  • Recording Type: Video

  • Maximum Recording Length: 10 minutes

  • Supported Devices: Laptop or Desktop Computer running Google Chrome (The first version of synchronous groups is not supported for the Extempore mobile app due to limitations of our video conference provider) If students are still having issues with Chrome, please see our troubleshooting article.

Step 1: Select Group as Your Assessment Type

Step 2: Select Yes for Synchronous Room

Step 3: Set group of 2 to 4. (Groups will be formed automatically and can be manually rearranged.)

Step 4: Add a task for students to discuss when they connect. Launch when done.

How to Move Students in Group Assessments to Other Group(s)

Need any ideas on creating tasks for Sync? Check out our blog post!

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