Create an Extempore Assessment

Learn how you can create an Extempore assessment.

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Assessments are at the core of Extempore's platform. Here's a quick primer on how to make them. Find more resources for specific assessments and practice below.

Creating an Assessment on Extempore

From your class page, click the plus button ➕ to create an assessment, where you'll be taken to the page below.

From here, you can create the framework of your assessment:

  • Give your assessment a name.

  • Set the timeline for when students can respond to the assessment (keep in mind late work as well).

  • Decide whether you want an individual or group assessment (synchronous or asynchronous).

  • Determine when to publish grades.

  • Choose to randomize questions or not.

  • Add a default rubric for each question. Use this if you want every question to have the same rubric attached. You can also attach rubrics at the question level.

Click Next to save and continue.

Adding Questions

With your assessment framework now in place, you're now ready to create questions. When you create an individual assessment, you'll see the page below.

To create your question:

  • Add a question title

  • Decide how students will respond

    • Choose video or audio for a spoken response

    • Choose text for a written response

    • Multiple choice to add answer options

    • Simulated conversation to replicate AP exam prompts

  • Add question text. This could be...

    • a short passage with a question at the end

    • a message for students to respond to

    • directions for responding to a media prompt

  • Add a media prompt (optional), including a YouTube video

  • Add a rubric (optional)

Finally, for summative assessments / questions, you can set limitations seen below. Read more on timers here.

To preview what your students will see for each question, return to your class page and click the view as student button.

Tips and suggestions for creating questions on Extempore

If you're unsure where to start, why not use some communicative tasks? Check out the video below and see more on our Extempore Bites channel on YouTube.

More resources

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