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Controlling when grades are published

In Extempore, you control when your students see your grades.

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Within Extempore, you can control when your students see assessment scores and feedback you have left. By default, grades are set to publish immediately, meaning students see scores and feedback as soon as they are submitted. If you'd like, you can change this within an assessment's settings.

One reason teachers choose to manually publish grades is in the case of multiple sections of a class taking the same or similar assessment. If you publish grades and feedback manually, you can score and provide feedback to responses in class A on Monday, while waiting to give the assessment to class B on Tuesday. Then, once both classes are done, you can release scores and feedback at the same time.

How to control when students see grades and feedback

Step 1: Within the assessment creation page, find the "students see grades:" section.

Step 2: Select while I'm grading to have grades and feedback publish immediately. Select when I publish grades to manually release scores and feedback.

The image below shows what students will see when trying to access an ungraded submission when grades and feedback are released manually.

Publishing grades and feedback to students

Step 1. Navigate to the Extempore gradebook. You'll notice that next to each assessment name there is an eye icon. When the eye is closed, submitted feedback and grades and have not been published. When the eye is open, submitted feedback and scores are available to students.

Step 2. To publish grades and feedback, click the three dot icon next to the assessment title, then click publish grades. The eye will change to open and grades will be published.

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