Create an Asynchronous Group Assessment
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Students respond to a prompt and interact with one another asynchronously using this type of group assessment. It's a bit lower stakes than the synchronous option and is great for some extra language practice as an exit ticket or enrichment.

Creating Asynchronous Group Assessments on Extempore

Once you are logged in to your Extempore instructor account, navigate to your class and create an assessment. Then follow the remaining steps:

Step 1. Select Group as the Assessment Type and No for Synchronous Room. Next, select how many students you want in each room. Add an assessment description if desired and click Next.

Step 2. Add a task. After typing the title and directions, decide if you want to attach any media or a rubric. Set limitations if desired. Click Launch.

Step 3: After launching your assessment, students will be randomly assigned to a group. Click View Rooms to see the groupings and edit the groups.

Step 4. You can move the students from one room to another or delete them by clicking on the three dots to the right of each student.


  1. Once students begin with their submissions, rooms, parameters, and the prompt cannot be changed.

  2. If you choose unlimited attempts, the student can make a submission without listening to his own or other students' previous submissions. If you choose a single attempt, the student will have to listen to his own or other students' previous submissions before making a new submission.

  3. Make sure your students have the most up-to-date version of their mobile apps to participate.

To see how to grade and participate in a Group Assessment click here. If you have any questions please contact Extempore Support.

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