Using Extempore for ASL
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Extempore's video functionality allows instructors to record signed video prompts for students to which students can respond via their own signed video recording. From there, instructors have the ability to provide students with written or video feedback, as well as a grade if a Rubric was included.

Text prompts are also a simple way to provide ASL students with fingerspelling practice, vocabulary, common phrases, introductions, etc.

We recommend watching the video below with Closed Captions to view the recommended first steps for an ASL instructor using Extempore.

Example ASL Rubric on Extempore: Handshape, Palm Orientation, Locations, Movement, and Facial Expression (rubrics are optional and fully customizable)

The steps below correspond with the image when creating an ASL assessment on Extempore.

  1. Name your assessment for students to recognize

  2. Start date/time will determine when the assessment is available for students

  3. Due date/time determine when the assessment is considered 'late' or disable late submissions.

  4. When you create questions, Video, Multiple Choice or Text responses will be the response types for ASL students. You can record or upload video prompts for all response types.

A rubric can be included on any assessment by selecting, "Show all parameters" - Learn about Rubrics Here.

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