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Upload images, videos, or audio files to a question

Learn how to add a media prompt to your questions and see which files are supported.

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How to add media to a question on Extempore

There are four ways in which media can be added to a question prompt on Extempore.

  • Upload - add existing video, audio, or image files directly from your device (.mp3, .mp4, .jpeg, .png or .gif).

  • Video - record an original video of yourself

  • Audio - record an original audio of yourself

  • YouTube - copy and paste the URL of a video hosted on YouTube to embed it to your assessment.

Adding two different media files to one question

Within a question you can upload an image or video and an audio file together. You cannot add both an image and a video within one individual question. To add multiple files..

  1. Upload image

  2. Upload an existing audio file after the image has been uploaded.

  3. Record an original audio after the image has been uploaded.

Unsupported file types

Word documents and PDFs are not supported on Extempore. To accommodate for long text-based documents, we encourage you to simply copy and paste the written text into the question text box or take a screenshot.

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