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Synchronous Conversations on Extempore

How it works

Students are assigned to a virtual room for a set duration of time with at least one partner. Together, students respond to a prompt provided by the instructor. The entire exchange is recorded and submitted to the instructor for individualized feedback.

  • Group Size: 2-6 students. Groups will be formed automatically but can be rearranged.

  • Recording Type: Video

  • Maximum Recording Length: 5, 10, or 15 minutes

  • Supported Devices: Laptop or Desktop Computer running Google Chrome or the Extempore App on a mobile device.

  • Cameras must be turned off in Zoom/Google Meet when connecting to your Extempore room.

Step 1: Create an assessment.

After adding the title and setting the timeline, select Group for the Assessment Type and Yes for Synchronous Room. Find out more about the asynchronous group option here. Select the desired Recording Time (the total duration of time the room is open beginning when the first participant joins) and the number of students per room.


  • Give yourself some time when setting the Assessment Timeline. Provide more time than your room duration just in case, especially if you have absent students who will need to complete the task another day.

  • If your total number of students is not divisible by the number of students per room, don't worry, no one will be left out.

  • Students must be enrolled in your class before creating the synchronous group assessment. Start with an individual assessment first.

Next, decide if you want to add an Assessment Description. This description is displayed for students before they enter the room and the recording begins. It's a good place to set the scene or provide any instructions for students before they begin the task.

Step 2: Add your task.

Provide a prompt for students to see after they enter the room. Add a rubric if you prefer to provide a numeric grade. Click Launch when done.

Note: There are no additional limitations to set as SYNC is always a single attempt assessment. If a student participates in a room, they cannot participate again in the same task. Copy the assessment and restart if more attempts or groupings are needed.

Step 3: Manage students.

Extempore will randomly assign your students to a room when you create a group assessment. You can move students after it is created. Groups cannot be changed after students have started responding.

Reasons to view rooms and manage groups?

  • Odd Number of Students in Class - group limits can be overridden to ensure there isn't a group with only one student.

  • Attendance - Delete or move absent students to the same group so present students are not left without a partner.

  • Specific Assignments - varying skill levels.

To move students from one student to another, click View Rooms on the assessment page. Click on the three dots next to students' names to move or delete them from the assignment. Please note that by moving a student you can override the maximum number of students you set when you created the assessment. Click save to confirm your changes.

Be sure to check room assignments before the assessment begins. All students must have a partner assigned to them to participate. No changes can be made once students begin responding.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If a student accidentally closes the Extempore window or their device dies during a sync task, can they rejoin? Yes! Students can rejoin the room as long as the room is open and there is time left on the clock.

  • Can my class of 30+ students really do this together in one room? How will I hear them clearly in the recording? Yes! Google chrome does a really good job of filtering out background noise. We also encourage you to have students wear headphones, but a working student device and a normal speaking volume should be plenty to be captured. Give it a try!

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