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Managing Account Preferences: Safe Mode, Late Work, and Language Keyboards
Managing Account Preferences: Safe Mode, Late Work, and Language Keyboards

This article explains the different account preferences on Extempore.

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There are a few important preferences to know about within your Extempore account. Watch the video and read the tips below to learn more.

Managing Preferences on Extempore

Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a collection of settings that provide instructors with an additional layer of protection for their assessments. When toggled on, safe mode..

  • Disables copy/paste. With copy/paste unavailable, students cannot copy question text and copy into translators, nor can they copy text from an external source and paste it into Extempore.

  • Hides future assignments. Students only see active, past due, and completed assignments.

  • Disables submission review. Students cannot review their submissions until a grade and/or feedback has been provided and published.

  • Activates Student Navigation Warnings for single attempt questions, displaying a warning if the student navigates away from the browser page.

You can learn more about safe mode here.

Accepting Late Work

  • By default, late work is accepted on Extempore.

  • When accept late work is unchecked, late work will not be permitted and students will not be able to respond to these questions.

Considerations with "Accept Late Work"

When accept late work is off (that is, the box is unchecked)....

  1. Students will no longer be able to view or respond to assessments after the due date.

  2. If you change the start / end window of an assignment after it's due to make it active again, only students who did not complete will be able to respond. The assessment will remain in the completed folder for students who already completed it.

Enable Language Keyboard

  • Allows students to select a language keyboard for their target language when submitting written responses.

Right to Left Languages:

  • For languages such as Arabic, Aramaic, Azeri, Dhivehi/Maldivian, Hebrew, Kurdish (Sorani), Persian/Farsi, and Urdu text can be displayed Right to Left for both teachers and students.

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