Student Navigation Warnings
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Navigation warnings add an extra level of security to your assessments.

What are navigation warnings?

If a student navigates away from their Extempore browser during a single attempt question, they will be prompted with a warning when they come back to Extempore. Students must acknowledge the warning to proceed. After the student submits a response, a count of the number of times a student left the page will display when grading the student.

How to Enable Student Navigation Warnings

Enable Safe Mode from your your account preferences. Student navigation warnings will then be enabled for all single attempt questions.

If the student navigates away from the page and comes back, they will see the following. Students must check the box to continue.

Students who leave their active tab will receive a popup on Extempore, alerting them to stay on the page and that their instructor will be notified. Timers and prompts will continue to play in the question even as the notification displays.

What teachers see

When grading, a count of the number of times each student navigated away from the page will be provided for a given student.

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