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Enabling safe mode and how it works.

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Safe Mode protects test integrity by preventing students from downloading assessment content, disabling copy and paste, and hiding future assessments.

What does enabling Safe Mode actually do?

  1. Prevent copy/pasting text (example, students cannot copy question text into Google translate or paste text into Extempore for a written response)

  2. Hide Future Assignments so students only see active, completed, and past due assignments.

  3. No submission review. Students cannot review their submission until a grade and/or feedback has been provided and published. (If safe mode is disabled, students can review their response prior to grades/feedback)

  4. Student Navigation Warnings for single attempt questions, if the student navigates away from the page

How to Enable Safe Mode on Extempore

Step 1: Click on your username and select "Preferences" from the drop-down menu.

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Step 2: Check the "Enable Safe Mode" box to activate safe mode. Your assessment materials will now contain all of the features listed above.

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