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Interpersonal assessments can be held as either synchronous or asynchronous prompts. To create a group assessment, activate the “group” button on the assessment creation page, then choose between either synchronous or asynchronous.

Follow the links below to create either an Asynchronous or Synchronous assessment.

Asynchronous assessments function as audio responses, similar to a group chat in popular social media applications. Up to 14 students can be in a ‘room,’ and within this room, the instructor can host a prompt. Students then respond to this prompt by sending audio messages over a period of time. Contributing students can listen to submitted responses and then add their own.

Synchronous group assessments, on the other hand, work differently. On the assessment creation page, activate the ‘synchronous’ button after selecting ‘group assessment.' Choose how many students you want per room (up to 6), then provide a prompt with relevant audio, images, or video. The interface of these assessments is similar to breakout rooms on many video conferencing applications: students can see who is in their group and can communicate face to face in real time. Responses are limited to ten minutes, and students will see a timer at the top of the page that shows how much time is remaining. Once students have submitted their responses, instructors can provide individual feedback for each student in the group.

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