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View students' synchronous conversations via Extempore Drop In
View students' synchronous conversations via Extempore Drop In

Teachers can go in and out of student conversations via the Extempore Drop In feature.

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Participating in and viewing students' Extempore Sync conversations

When students are paired in synchronous group assessments, teachers understandably want to keep track of progress and provide help where it is needed.

With Extempore Drop In, teachers can easily go in and out of student synchronous conversations with just a few clicks. Here's how it's done.

Step 1. Navigate to class page and find assessment

First, navigate to your class page and find the relevant synchronous assessment. From there, click view rooms to see the room arrangement and to drop in.

Next, find and click the Drop In button above the list of rooms and participating students.

Step 2. Understanding the synchronous rooms control center

Upon clicking Drop In, you'll be taken to a control center for all synchronous rooms. From here, you can do a few things as an instructor, including..

  • Viewing the statuses of each room and its students

    • A grey circle βšͺ next to a student name indicates that the student is not in the room.

    • A green circle 🟒 next to a student names indicates the student is currently participating in the synchronous room.

    • When the join button for a room is highlighted blue, you are able to join that room. Click join to be taken to the room.

  • Reset student submissions

    • Once all participating students have left the room, you can reset the room by clicking the red reset button. Please be aware that resetting a room deletes the previous submission, which cannot be undone.

Raise hand feature

Within their rooms, students can click the raise hand icon to request help from their instructor. When students request help, the text "help needed" will display within their group box.

Step 3. Participating in the room

Once you are in the synchronous room as an instructor, you will see all participating students and be able to participate with them or help them as you desire. You'll also have a list of buttons under your video.

  • Click the microphone icon 🎀 to mute yourself.

  • Click the video icon πŸ“Ή to turn off your video.

  • Click Leave Room to leave the student room and be taken back to the control center (see Step 2).

For more a step-by-step walkthrough, watch the help video below.

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