Trouble Joining Synchronous Room?

Learn why you're unable to join a synchronous room.

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PLEASE NOTE: Synchronous assignments are NOT available using the mobile app.

There are a few reasons why a student may not be able to join the room for asynchronous group assignments.

1. The student is trying to enter the room after the due date of the assignment.

A past due assignment will be shown in the completed folder and marked as "Room Closed"

If this is the case, please click here to learn how you can edit the due date to a future time and allow the students access.

2. The student could be trying to join the room after one or more students have completed the assignment.

If one student joins the room and either submits a response or exits the room before other students in the group have joined, the room will be closed and other students in the group will not be able to join.

When this happens the student will see the prompt for the assignment like the image below and will not have the ability to submit anything.

In order to reset this assignment, you will need to delete the submitted response from the student. You can also make a copy of the assessment which will allow the student to start over, please make sure to edit the time and date when making a copy of a synchronous assignment.

3. Please click this link if you're unable to join because you're experiencing issues with your camera or microphone.

4. If your students are seeing a grayed-out "Go To Room" button, please visit this link to learn how you can resolve the issue.

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