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Allow Camera and Microphone Access (Chrome)
Allow Camera and Microphone Access (Chrome)

If your computer has a camera but you cannot record Extempore assignments, it's probably a permissions issue.

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Fixing camera and microphone problems on Extempore

Before beginning, please keep in mind that we recommend Google Chrome as a preferred browser when using Extempore. You can download Chrome for free here.

Granting Camera and Microphone Access

When you log in to Extempore for the first time you will be prompted to record a test video and grant camera and microphone access.

If you accidentally click block, the video will not record successfully. You'll need to access your browser settings to revert it back to allow.

Here's how you allow can allow camera access within Chrome:

Step 1: In your browser search bar, type chrome://settings/privacy

Step 2: Scroll down to Privacy and security

Step 3: Click on Site Settings

Step 4: Click on Camera and ensure is in the "allow" section.

Step 5: Allow the same permissions on the microphone setting.

This article from Google Support has more information and troubleshooting tips.

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