Managing group assessments on Extempore

Extempore will randomly assign your students to a room when you create a group assessment. You can move students after it is created.

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Please note: groups cannot be changed after students have started responding.

Why you would manage group assignments on Extempore Sync

  • Odd Number of Students in Class - group limits can be overridden to ensure there isn't a group with one student.

  • Attendance - Delete or move absent students to the same group so present students are not left without a partner.

  • Specific Assignments - varying skill levels.

How to manage rooms within Extempore Sync

Step 1. View Rooms

Click view rooms for the desired group assessment.

Step 2: Arrange Students

By clicking the three dots next to each student's name, you can select which room to move them to or delete them from this assignment.

Please note that by moving a student you can override the maximum number of students you set when you created the assessment.

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