Managing group assessments on Extempore

Extempore will randomly assign your students to a room when you create a group assessment. You can move students after it is created.

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Note: Groups cannot be changed after students have started responding.

Reasons to view rooms and manage groups?

  • Odd Number of Students in Class - group limits can be overridden to ensure there isn't a group with one student.

  • Attendance - Delete or move absent students to the same group so present students are not left without a partner.

  • Specific Assignments - varying skill levels.

Step 1: Click "View Rooms" to move students from one room to another and change the pairing, simply click on it from the assessment list.

Step 2: By clicking the three dots next to each student's name, you can select which room to move them to or delete them from this assignment.

Please note that by moving a student you can override the maximum number of students you set when you created the assessment.

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