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By default, students are brought back to the question list each time a response is submitted. This allows students pause between questions or select questions out of order.

The introduction of step-by-step mode accomplishes two things.

  1. Students are forced to respond to questions sequentially

  2. Students go directly to the next question upon submitting

This feature can be enabled for new or existing assessments by selecting 'Yes' for 'step-by-step mode' at the bottom of the assessment page.

Paired with Extempore Timed Limitations, teachers can control the length of the assessment. For example, an assessment with 5 questions with 1 minute review and 1 minute response timers would be a 10 minute assessment that students don't leave until it's complete. (2 minutes/question x 5 questions = 10 minute assessment)

Step-by-step mode FAQ

What happens if a student closes the page?

Students will be able to start on the question they left off, continuing with sequential responses.

What if a student gets locked out of a question?

Students will be able to continue with the remaining questions and the locked question can be unlocked by the teacher to allow the student to access the locked question again.

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