New Gradebook (compared to legacy)

See what's included and what we're working on for our new Gradebook

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The Extempore Gradebook allows teachers to easily track progress, review submissions, view/edit scores or feedback, and export specific views without ever leaving the page. Learn more in the video below.

Feature Breakdown

Please review the chart below to see what features are available and what we're still working on. Click the feature to learn more.


New Gradebook

Legacy Grading

Old Gradebook

LMS grade sync (LTI 1.1)

LMS grade sync (API)

Mark Complete

Only available in our New Gradebook, teacher can now mark questions as complete without needing to provide feedback! Check out the two ways to mark a response as complete below.

Quickly move to the next question/student after completing a question.

Or mark individual questions as complete by clicking the check box above the response.


Use the new drop-down menus to filter by class, assessment type, and timeline.

Search for students or assessments to adapt the table as needed.

Tip: Export the current view after searching or filtering the table

Display Student Scores as Points or Percentages

This setting allows teachers to display scores as either the total number of points earned or as a percentage. Users can then view and export scores the way you want.

Export Scores

Scores can now be exported in the current view. Export all assessment scores, a single assessment, a single student, or all questions within a single assessment.

View Submissions

Review student submissions directly from the New Gradebook. Select any cell to open the 'snapgrader' on the right side of the screen where you can view the submission, grade, provide feedback, and quickly navigate to the next student, question, or assignment

Grade Submissions

When viewing submissions, instructors can see an assignment's rubric at the bottom of the 'snapgrader' and can provide scores and feedback as desired.

Written Feedback

Provide written feedback from the comments section within the snapgrader when viewing a submission.

Video/Audio Feedback

To provide audio or video feedback to a student's submission, open the snapgrader and navigate to the 'comments' section. From there, click on the microphone or video icon to record your feedback. Make sure to click 'submit' when you are done.

Color Coded Statuses & Icons

See what you've done and what needs your attention at a glance. A huge improvement from Legacy Grading where it was challenging to know which students have/haven't participated.

View Recent Activity by Student

Select a students name in the left column to see the last 5 activities they've completed on Extempore. Select the activity to view the submission, grade, or provided feedback.

View Student Account

View students accounts by selecting the student's name and then clicking on 'View Account.'

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