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In-line feedback within the Extempore gradebook
In-line feedback within the Extempore gradebook

Give your students precise feedback to oral responses using this handy feature.

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On Extempore, instructors can provide in-line feedback to students by recording their voice within a student's response in the feedback section.

Why would want I want to give in-line feedback?

In-line feedback is helpful for teachers who want to insert themselves within their students' responses. This allows instructors to comment in multiple parts of a student's response all in one piece of audio feedback. Within a response, you could leave feedback on...

  • commonly mispronounced words

  • tricky grammar points

  • vocabulary usage

  • areas worth highlighting

How to provide in-line feedback in the gradebook

There's one setting that needs to be configured first before we can leave in-line feedback. Within the gradebook, click on the gear icon โš™๏ธ to the right of the search bar.

In the popup, find the last setting, "Record both speaker audio and microphone when leaving feedback." Make sure this is set to yes.

Click done and then find a response to which you can provide feedback. Then, click on either the camera or microphone icon to provide feedback.

If you are using Google Chrome (recommended), a popup will appear. Click allow. This will ensure that both the tab audio (i.e. the student's response) and your feedback will both be recorded.

To leave in-line feedback, first click record on the right side of the screen. Then, immediately play the student's response. Pause and provide oral feedback in areas where you see fit. Watch the gif below for more.

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