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Device/Browser Compatibility

Extempore is a multi-platform product, and can be used on multiple types of mobile devices and desktop browsers.

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In order to take advantage of all of Extempore’s features (and in order to increase security on your device), it is highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest versions of your machine’s operating system. These are the versions currently supported:


Extempore can operate on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) and above. Extempore might work with older versions of Android on some devices but not others. In order to check which version of Android your device has installed, please click here. Need to upgrade? Follow instructions here.


Extempore is fully functional with iOS 12 and above. Extempore works with older versions of iOS, but some actions might cause the app to shut down or audios to be sent empty. In order to check which operating system version your Apple device has installed, please click here. Need to upgrade? Follow instructions here.


Extempore functions with Chrome (90 and above) and Firefox (60 and above) for a full instructor experience. Chrome 92 and above for a full student experience. Newer versions of Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge will not allow recording of audio or video prompts but will support all other features normally. Please click here for instructions on how to upgrade your Chrome Browser when a new version is released. We will continue to update this page as progress is made in this area.


To ensure your browser is compatible and properly configured before you sign up to Extempore, please click here:

You can record a video and play it back to ensure that your camera and microphone work correctly.

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