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How students connect with their group for Synchronous Assignments
How students connect with their group for Synchronous Assignments
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For synchronous group assignments, students will connect at the same time on Extempore (similar to Google Meet or Zoom). Once connected, the group recording will begin automatically. Complete the task with your group and click 'Submit' when done. The recording will be sent to your teacher once all group members have left the group.

Step 1: Click on the Group Assignment when you're ready to connect with your group. You will be placed in the "Waiting Room" before joining where you will see when your group members are online.

  • If you don't see your group members, please stay patient for at least 1-minute as they will appear online without the need to refresh the page.

  • If you cannot see yourself in the preview window, here's how to troubleshoot.

Step 2: Once you Go to Room, the room recording will begin. You will have up to 10-minutes to complete the conversation with your group.

Step 3: All group members will click "Submit" when done to process the recording. The video will also submit by closing the window, don't worry if not everyone clicks "Submit"


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