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How to Delete, Unlock, or Reset a Student Attempt
How to Delete, Unlock, or Reset a Student Attempt

Here's how you can reset student responses regardless of their status.

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Sometimes students accidentally submit a response too early, get locked out of a question, or need to redo an attempt. This article will explain how you can reset a student's account.

How to delete a student response on Extempore

In the Gradebook, navigate to the student response you need to delete and open the snap grader.

Step 1. Click the three dots on the question you would like to reset.

Step 2. A popup will appear. Determine if you would like your student to be notified of the deletion. If you check the box, you can include a brief message to your student.

Step 3: Click done. The student's submission will be deleted and they can attempt the question again.

Resolving locked attempts on Extempore

How does a Locked Attempt happen?

Locked attempts can only happen on a single attempt question on Extempore. One of the following must have occurred:

  1. The student viewed the prompt and backed out without submitting a response.

  2. The student refreshed their page without submitting a response.

  3. The student lost an internet connection or the device died before submitting a response.

Resetting A Locked Attempt

Locked attempt will always appear in red in the gradebook.

  1. Click on the assignment and navigate to the locked question.

  2. Click on the 3 dots and unlock the question.

Note: students will have to refresh their screen or app to be able to see the unlocked attempt.

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