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Importing an assessment from a colleague
Importing an assessment from a colleague

Send and receive assignments with other Extempore users.

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When you want to import an assessment from one of your colleagues, they need to send you the link first. From there, you can import the assessment to your account.

Importing an assessment shared by a colleague

Watch the video below to learn how to import an assessment that a colleague has shared with you.

How to import an assessment shared by a colleague

Step 1. Receive the assessment link.

To share an assessment, your colleague needs to send you the assessment's URL. For help on this, read this article.

Step 2. Choose a class, edit, and import.

Click on the link your colleague has sent you. Once you log in, you will be taken to a new page where you will determine the proper class and timeline for the assessment.

From this page, check the box โœ… next to the class to import it to that class. You can select more than one class if you desire. Rename the assessment and set a new start and end time, or save as a draft and add a timeline later. Click add to finish this step.

Step 3. Modify the assessment as needed.

Once the assessment is added to your account, you will be redirected to that class's page. From here, you can edit the assessment further as you wish.

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