Including Multiple Choice Questions

While setting up an assessment, you can select individual questions to be multiple choice.

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Step 1: Create a new assessment within your class or add questions to an existing assessment.

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After naming your assessment, and setting parameters, click Next

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Step 2: Input the question name and the question prompt. You can still use text, a file, video, or audio as the prompt.

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Step 3: Select the Make multiple choice box.

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Step 4: Specify a point total for the question. This will determine how many grade points the question is worth.

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Step 5: If you don't want the timers applied to the rest of the assessment to apply to the multiple choice question, you can click Override Limitations to override Time to Review and Time to Respond for this question.

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Step 6: Click Add Choices

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Step 7: Create answer choices. They can be in the form of text, files, video, or audio. You must have at least two choices per question. Click Save Choice to create the next choice.

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Step 8: Designate one choice as the correct answer by selecting the Correct Answer box while viewing that answer choice.

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You can navigate between answer choices by clicking on the names Choice 1, Choice 2, etc. above the text box. The choice that has been designated the correct answer will appear with a green checkmark next to it.


Step 9: Once you've finished with a multiple choice question, you can click Add New Question to add more questions to your assessment, or you can click Next to finish creating the assessment.


This is how the multiple choice questions will appear to your students when they take the assessment.

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You can view this by clicking View as Student from your class page.

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