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Including Multiple Choice Questions

While setting up an assessment, you can select individual questions to be multiple choice.

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Multiple choice questions are a simple way to assess interpretive skills in your language students.

Creating Multiple Choice Questions on Extempore

Step 1. Within the question creation page, select multiple choice. Once selected, you can then enter your question text and add any relevant media files.

By default, multiple choice questions are worth one point each. You can change this by entering a new number in the point value box.

Make sure to add a question, then scroll down and click add choices. Enter the text for the choice, upload a file, or record your own. For correct answers, check the box next to correct answer. Then click save choice, and a new choice box will appear.

Continuing adding choices until you are finished. The correct answer will be designated with a green check βœ…, while wrong answers will be indicated by a ❌. To edit a choice, simply click choice 1 to edit choice 1, choice 2 to edit choice 2, etc. Click the trash can icon to remove a selection.

You can add as many choices as you want. Once done, click add new question to continue adding questions or next to finish the assessment.

Multiple Choice Questions on the Student Side

Students will see the prompt and media as you uploaded when they complete multiple choice questions. Note: answer choices will always randomize.

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