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Share an entire class and its assessments with a colleague
Share an entire class and its assessments with a colleague

How to share multiple assessments in a class with a colleague.

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Within your instructor account, you can share individual assessments. You can also share an entire class and the assessments within it with another instructor, which is the focus of this article.

Why would I want to share an entire class?

Keep in mind that the recipient will not have access to this class; they will simply receive a duplicate of its contents. Why would you do this? Well...

  • Your colleagues love the assessments you made for French 2 and it's easier to share the entire class versus one assessment at a time.

  • You and your colleague are teaching the same class but have different sections, and the assessments are already made in one class so you simply share with the other instructor.

How to share an entire class and its assessments

Watch the video below to learn how to share an entire class and its assessments, or scroll down and follow the step by step directions.

Step 1. Log in to your Extempore instructor account.

Step 2. Click the paper airplane icon to share the desired class.

Step 3. Beneath the text "Send to Colleague," click the blue button to copy the link.

Step 4. Send the link to your colleague. Once they click the link they will be able to import it the class and add its contents to their account.

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