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Learn how to archive one of your Extempore classes with this article.

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Below is a short video tutorial that shows you how to archive a class and how to restore an archived class.

After using Extempore for a full school year or semester, you might want to clean up your account in preparation for new students. In order to do that, you can Archive a class. Archiving a class will remove it from your Classes tab, unenroll all students and delete all attempts.

The content of an archived class can be restored from the “Archived Classes” page, but students and attempts cannot be restored.

Step 1: From the Manage Classes tab, click on the three dots next to the class you want to archive, then select Archive.

Archive 1

Step 2: A popup warning will appear. Accept it to proceed.

Step 3: Your class has now been archived and can be found in the Archived Classes section, from where it can be restored.

You can Restore an archived class from the Archived Class section.

Step 1: Access Archived Classes from your user name drop down

Archive 2

Step 2: Click on Restore Class.

Archive 3

Your class is now available under the Classes tab, without any students or attempts.

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