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Edlink API Onboarding
After Connecting LMS to Edlink
After Connecting LMS to Edlink

This article is for district admins after the initial onboarding call with Edlink

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After you've connected your LMS to Edlink your data will show up within 24-hours. Since Extempore primarily works with World Language and/or ESL departments we will need a list that includes the following to filter the data prior to syncing.

What Extempore needs from you on a Google Sheet:

  • Column 1: Teacher Emails

  • Column 2: Class Names from your LMS/SIS (example below)

    • Class names do not need to be aligned with teacher emails in column 1

    • The bolded Course Code is more important than the class name which should match in your SIS & LMS

Teacher Email




Once the information above is provided your last step is to add Extempore as a Connected LTI App in your LMS where teachers/students will SSO.

It is important that Extempore opens in a new window to ensure all of our features work.

Please review our pre-onboarding diagram checklist to ensure your district is ready to schedule with our team.

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