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You can unenroll from a class and move to a different one through "My Account"

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Important: Students need to have received the NEW CLASS LINK from your teacher in order to move to that class.

If you have enrolled in a class but need to move to a different one, you can do this by entering the new class link. This will unenroll you from a previous class and enroll you into a new one.

Please note that you can only unenroll from a class that's less than 30 days old. Contact if you need to un-enroll from an older class.

Step 1 - Go to My Account

Log into Extempore (web portal or mobile app) and access My Account.

Step 2 - Find "Class Settings"

Enter the class link for the class you want to move TO. For example, we want to move from Intermediate Spanish to Advanced Spanish, so we are going to enter the class link for Advanced Spanish, which our instructor has sent us.

Step 4 - Select which class you want to unenroll from

Remember, you can only unenroll from a class created less than 30 days ago.

Step 5 - Click Continue

You've now been moved to your new class. You might need to refresh your page (or tap on "Refresh", under your username in the mobile app) to see the changes.

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