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Frequently asked questions about Institutional (Full) Licenses and Student-Paid Licenses.

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Pricing FAQs - Institutional (Full) License

I bought a batch of licenses with my credit card, how long can my students use them for?

Licenses purchased when you upgrade your Lite account are consumable and not time-limited. You buy a batch of licenses and your students use them as they enroll in their classes.

Every time a student signs up to a class, a license is consumed off your batch, but we do not limit how long they can use that license. So long as the class is active and you continue creating assessments, your students can answer them.

Unused licenses never expire: if you don’t use the full batch this year, you can use it the next, or the one after.

What happens if I need more licenses?

You can add more licenses to your batch at any time.

Where can I see how many licenses I have left?

The number of licenses bought and used are displayed in the “my account” page, under your username after you log into the Instructor Portal in Extempore.

How much will I pay for each license?

Prices depend on the number of licenses bought: if you buy 10 licenses you will pay the 0-30 license tier. If you buy 200 licenses, you will pay a lower price.

What happens if a student drops a class?

A license is consumed every time a student enrolls in a class. Once the license is consumed, it cannot be restored.

What happens if I archive a class that has students enrolled?

When you archive a class, all student content and grades are deleted from the Extempore system. Licenses consumed, however, will not be restored by archiving a class.

If a student enrolls in separate Fall and Semester classes, how many licenses are consumed?

If a student enrolls in two classes, then he or she will consume two licenses.

How much will my students pay?

Nothing. Students never pay if a school or instructor purchases licenses.

Do I need to pay for my instructor account?

No. Instructor accounts are always free.

Pricing FAQs - Student-Paid

How much will my school pay if I use the student-paid model?

Nothing. Schools and instructors never pay under the student-paid license. When an instructor uses a student-paid account, they have full access to all features, for as long as their account is open.

When do my students purchase their licenses?

Students will be prompted for payment every time they sign up to a class. The cost of each enrollment is $12.99 regardless of the number of classes they sign up to, or how long those classes last.

How long can my students use their license?

Students licenses are not time-limited. Students can use their license for as long as the class is active (meaning for as long as you, their instructor, keep creating assessments for them to answer).

What happens if I archive a class and my account is student-paid?

Your students will lose access to that class and to all their work and grades. This access cannot be restored, since the student content will be deleted from our servers.

What happens if a student drops a class? Can they get a refund?

If a student drops a class within the first 30 days of enrollment, they can obtain a refund by contacting Extempore Support.

What happens if a student switches classes?

Students can move their license from one class to another by using the “Move Class” functionality under the My Account page. Please note that this functionality is only available during the first 30 days of enrollment.

What happens if a student needs to switch classes after the first 30 days of enrollment?

The student will need to purchase access to the new class using the class link.

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