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How to invite teaching assistants or other instructors to help oversee your classes.

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Within Extempore, you can add a teaching assistant (TA) to your class. Once added, the TA can do everything a typical teacher can do within an account, including...

  • Creating new assessments

  • Editing assessments

  • Scoring and giving feedback on student submissions

If you are adding a TA to a teacher account that is already synced with Google Classroom, click here to jump down.

How to add a teaching assistant to your class on Extempore

Watch the video below to see how you can add a TA to your class, or read the directions below.

Note: before adding teaching assistants to your class, we recommend discussing the platform with them beforehand so they know how to navigate and use Extempore.

Step 1. To add a TA, navigate to your username in the top-right corner, then click to open the dropdown menu.

Step 2. Click on the Add Teaching Assistant button.

Step 3. You'll be asked to provide the email address for your teaching assistant. Type it in, and then send the invitation.

Step 4. Your TA will have received an email from Extempore inviting them to join the platform with directions on how to do so.

Note: each added teaching assistant has access to every class, student, and grade in the primary instructor's account.

Adding a teaching assistant to a Google Classroom-synced teacher account

When adding a TA to a Google Classroom account, take the following steps to ensure that assignments and student grades sync properly.

Steps for Primary Teacher

Step 1. From Google Classroom, add the co-teacher in by navigating to the class > people > add co-teacher

Step 2. Navigate back to Extempore and follow the steps above to add the same teacher as a teaching assistant.

Step 3. Once your TA has accepted invites from both Google Classroom and Extempore, they should return to Extempore and sync their account with Google Classroom.

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