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Creating a class and adding students
Creating a class and adding students

Learn what you can accomplish by creating a class on Extempore.

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Classes on Extempore

A class is the foundation of everything you do within Extempore. Once you create a class, you can then invite students to join your class and begin creating assessments. Only students who are enrolled in your class can access the class and complete assignments within.

How to create a class

Step 1: Click the + icon to create a new class.

Step 2: Give your class a name and click create.

Step 3. From here, add a class image, create assessments, explore premade content via Extempore Commons, or save the class and be taken back to your main class page.

Adding students to your class

Once you've created a class, you're ready to add students who can then respond to your assignments.

Note: for teachers who sync their classes with Google Classroom, learn more about syncing students here.

Teachers who sync other LMSs like Canvas and Schoology: you can skip this step as we add students for you via EdLink integration.

Add students using the class invite link

Step 1. To add students to your Extempore class, use the invite link at the top of the class page.

Step 2. Copy the link and share with your students via email or by posting it to your LMS. When your students click on the link, they'll be prompted to create an account or log in to their existing account

Step 3. Have your students follow the prompts to log in or create a new account. Students can create accounts by filling out their credentials on the right hand side or via single sign-on (SSO) with a Google or Apple account.

Step 4. Once your students have accounts, they can begin responding to Extempore assessments via desktop or the mobile app.

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