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Admin: Canvas LTI 1.3 Setup

Canvas LTI 1.3 App Installation for Extempore

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First, the admin will use the JSON URL provided by Extempore to install the app in their Canvas instance.

  1. Log into Canvas (admin account) and navigate to Developer Keys.

  2. Select the blue +Developer Key button, then +LTI Key. You’ll see a form:

    1. Under Method, select Enter URL.

    2. Name the tool: Extempore

    3. Put your email in the Owner Email field.

    4. For Redirect URIs, paste in the JSON URL provided by Extempore, with "/launch" added at the end.

    5. Enter the JSON URL in the field that will then appear below, without “/launch”

    6. Hit Save.

  3. You’ve created your LTI Key! Flip the state to ON.

  4. Copy the key Details - the string of numbers above the “Show Key” button. You’ll use this to create a deployment. You’ll also use it when completing the integration to Edlink.

  5. To add Extempore to your Canvas at the level of the institution, hit Settings in your sidebar, then Apps.

  6. Select the blue app button in the top right corner. You’ll see a form to fill out. Under Configuration Type, select “By Client ID.” In the Client ID field, paste in the key details you copied from the LTI key you just created.

  7. Hit submit. You’ll now see Extempore in your list of apps. Go to Extempore and click on the button on the right-hand side of the app, and select Deployment ID.

  8. Copy the Deployment ID, which you’ll use in the integration process. Note: if you’d like to install Extempore in individual courses, you can ignore the deployment ID.

  9. Click on your Edlink integration link provided by Extempore, which will look like this:

  10. Follow the steps. You’ll see this form to fill out. Under Select A Data Provider, select “LTI Advantage.”

  11. You’ll need to fill in the following fields:
    - Select Your LMS: Select Canvas.
    - Your LMS URL: Input your Canvas URL.
    - Deployment ID: Either enter the deployment ID from your Canvas, or leave this field blank if you’d like to install Extempore in multiple courses
    - Client ID: Input the Key Details from the LTI key you created in Canvas, that you used to create the deployment.
    - Keyset URL: Input the URL in this format:
    - OIDC Authentication URL: Input the URL in this format:
    - Access Token URL: Input the URL in this format:
    - Audience URL: Input the URL in this format:
    - Issuer: Input the following URL:
    - The other fields can be left blank.

  12. Complete the steps provided by the integration link. Once they’re complete, test out the LTI app you’ve installed in Canvas.

  13. You're all done!

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