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Import classes from Google Classroom

Keep all of your assessments and grades synced between Extempore and Google Classroom.

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Step 1: Google Classroom

Step 2: from Extempore, sync your classes and students from Google Classroom

Note: If you do not see the option to Sync Google Classroom on your account, It has not been enabled yet and you can click to request the integration below.

From the Classes tab on Extempore, select 'Sync with Google Classroom'

Login to the same Google account being used for Google Classroom

Once logged in, you may need to click 'Sync with Google Classroom' a second time to show the list of available classes to sync > Select the classes you would like to sync and they will be created on Extempore.

What's Next?

Creating an assessment on Extempore will post as classwork on your Google Classroom stream. Students will access the assessment from Google Classroom and will display on your Extempore roster after submitting an attempt.

Grades are provided on Extempore and grades are synced to your Google Classroom Gradebook immediately. (How to Grade on Extempore)

Google Classroom FAQ

Why can't I see my students rostered on Extempore?

  • Students will show up on Extempore when they respond to a question on the first assessment.

Will students see future assessments within Google Classroom?

  • Google Classroom only displays future assessments when the date/time hits. (*Note: we've noticed that future assessments will sometimes post 2-3 minutes after the scheduled time which is related to Google Classroom's functionality and not something Extempore can control)

What if I need to update the assessment settings or questions on Extempore?

  • No problem! Updates to your assessments and/or questions will update the assessment on Google Classroom immediately.

Why are there no grades for my assessment?

  • A rubric must be included on the Extempore assessment in order for a grade to sync to Google Classroom.

Why am I being asked to Authorize Extempore to synchronize with Google Classroom?

  • Authorizing the integration is required for your information to sync between the two systems. If you didn't authorize Extempore the first time, you'll need to sync again to authorize the integration. (Make sure all permissions are checked when you authorize)

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