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This article provides a step-by-step guide to help you copy a class via Extempore’s website as an instructor.

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Below is a short video tutorial that shows how you make a copy of an existing class.

Perhaps you teach multiple sections of the same course, perhaps you’d like to share content with colleagues teaching the same class, or perhaps you’d like to reuse assignments the following year.

Extempore enables you to easily copy a class with just a few simple steps. Login to your Extempore account and return to the Manage Classes screen.

Step 1: Find the class you would like to copy and click the Copy Class button.

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Step 2: A pop-up screen will appear. Enter the name for the new class to which you’d like to copy. Please note that the default name is “Copy of ____.” You may, of course, choose to type in a new name for the new class. Select the Copy button when ready.

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Step 3: You’ll be returned to the Manage Classes screen. Here you’ll see the new copied class within the list of classes.

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Step 4: You may add a new class icon and enter and edit the class’ assessments as needed or desired. You may also copy and email the class link to students in the new section.

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