PLEASE NOTE: you will need a Consumer Key and Secret to complete the steps below.

I have the Consumer Key and Secret. What do I do now?

  1. Log in to Brightspace by D2L as a Super Administrator user.

  2. Navigate to a course

  3. Click on Content (Navbar link) or Content Browser (located under the Navbar).

  4. Under the Table of Contents, click into the text box where the “Add a module…” text is visible and type in Extempore.

  5. Select the Course Admin link located in the Navbar.

  6. Click External Learning Tools, under Site Resources.

  7. Click New Link under the Manage External Learning Tool Links tab.

  8. On the New Link page, enter the following in the fields:Title: Extempore AppURL: Extempore Support will provideDescription: noneVisibility: Check the box to allow users to view the linkKey/Secret: Check the option for “Sign messages with key/secret with,” then select the radio option for “Link key/secret”Key: Extempore Support will provideSecret: Extempore Support will also provideCustom Parameters: noneSecurity Settings: Click the radio button for “Use link security settings” and ensure all check boxes are selected

  9. Click Save and Close.

Done. Extempore will now appear on the list of external tool links

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