PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Consumer Key and Secret to complete the following steps.

I have the Consumer Key and Secret. What do I do now?

In Blackboard navigate to the following:

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > LTI > Add external tool configuration

1. Configure the Following Data in the Tool Provider Information Section

  • Type Extempore for the external tool as it will appear in your site. The name entered is visible to instructors when adding external tools within courses.

Tool Provider URL:

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.46.18 AM

2. Insert the following data in the Provider Domain Status & Default Configuration areas:

  • Provider Domain:

  • Provider Domain Status: Approved

  • Default Configuration: Set Globally

  • Tool Provider Key: this will be provided by Extempore's support team

  • Tool Provider Secret: this will be provided by Extempore's support team

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.45.21 AM

3. Select the following under Institution Policies:

  • Send User Data: Over any connection

  • User Fields to Send: All

  • Allow Membership Service: No

  • Show User Acknowledgment Message: No

  • Label: ExtemporeApp

  • Handle: Extempore

  • Availability: Yes

  • Type: Course Content Tool > Allows Grading

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.45.38 AM

4. Done!

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