Integrate Extempore into Blackboard

Learn how you can integrate your Extempore class into Blackboard.

Step 1: Request a Consumer Key and Secret to connect the two systems

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to contact your institution’s Blackboard Administrator in order to initiate this process.

In order for Blackboard and Extempore to be able to communicate, the first step is for your institution to request a Consumer Key and Secret. Extempore will generate these two codes and your institution’s Blackboard Admin will input them into the system.

How does my Blackboard Admin request a Consumer Key and Secret to integrate Blackboard and Extempore?

Please visit this web page in order to initiate the process. The Extempore team will contact the requestor within 24 hours with the required information.

I have the Consumer Key and Secret. What do I do now?

In Blackboard navigate to the following.

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > LTI > Add external tool configuration

  1. From External Tool Types select Add external tool configuration.
  2. Configure the following data in the Tool Settings area:
    • Type Extempore for the external tool as it will appear in your site. The name entered is visible to instructors when adding external tools within courses.
    • Type the Consumer Key that we will provide.
    • Type the Shared Secret. This will also be provided by Extempore Support.
    • To include the external tool in the External tool type drop-down list, select Show tool type when creating tool instances.

      The tool name is available when instructors configure external tools within courses.

      In most cases, the Show tool type when creating tool instances should not be selected. Instructors can use this tool configuration based on the Launch URL matching the Tool base URL, which is the preferred method. The only case in which this option should be selected is if the tool configuration is just intended for single sign-on. For example, if all launches to the tool provider just take the user to a landing page instead of to a specific resource.

    • Select how to display Extempore from the Default Launch Container list.

      Options include - Default to display Extempore as specified by the tool configuration; Embed to display the tool within your existing Moodle site window, in a manner similar to most other Activity types; Embed, without blocks to display Extempore within the existing window, along with just the navigation controls at the top of the page; and New window to open Extempore in a new window or tab (depending on the browser).