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Create a Group Assessment

Want to create a collaborative type of an assessment, such as a simulated conversation? Take a look how in this guide on Extempore Group Assessments or watch the tutorial video.

Click here for a video tutorial on this topic! We also have an article for students explaining how to participate in an Extempore Room. 

Walk-Through Guide

Once you are logged into your Extempore instructor account, navigate to your class and create an assessment. Then follow the remaining steps:

1. Select Group as Your Assessment Type

room 1

2.  Select the Number of Students You Would Like in Each Room 

room 2

3. Add a Task and Click Launch

room 4

4. After Launching Your Group Assessment Students Will Be Randomly Assigned to a Room Automatically

room 3

If you would like to edit the room assignments of your students you have the ability to move move them. To do this click on the button on the right hand side of the student.

rooms 11

To learn how grading and interacting as an instructor works within Extempore Rooms please read the following article. 


  1. The assessment will become locked when there is at least one student that has participated in a Group Assessment. Locked means that an instructor can no longer edit certain parameters in the Group Assessment OR move students between Rooms.
  2. Make sure your students have the most up to date version of their mobile apps in order to participate.

To see how to grade and participate in a Group Assessment click here. If you have any questions please contact Extempore Support.