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Integrate Extempore into Canvas LTI 1.1
Integrate Extempore into Canvas LTI 1.1

Learn how you can integrate your Extempore class into Canvas.

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PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Consumer Key and Secret to complete the following steps.

I have the Consumer Key and Secret. What do I do now?

Step 1: Enter the Extempore Consumer Key into Canvas in order to connect both system.

Within your Canvas course, go to Settings, then select the “Apps” tab, then click on “View App Configurations”


Step 2: Click on “+App” to Connect Extempore


Step 3: Select “By URL” from the top dropdown


Step 5: Enter the the Consumer Key and Shared Secret emailed to you by Extempore Support.


Step 6: Click submit.

You have now connected Extempore to the Canvas System.

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