Day 1 with Extempore: A checklist
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Welcome to Extempore. We put together this quick guide to help you get started with your account on day 1.

Step 1: Create your first class

Once you've created your account on Extempore you'll want to start creating your class(es). A class needs to exist in order to create an assignment and enroll students.

Step 2: Create your first assignment

Now it's time to create your first assignment on Extempore. (Note: Extempore calls all types of activities, "assessments").

Step 3: Add Prompts to your assignment

You're almost there! Start adding prompts to your assignment for students to answer.

Step 4: Test your assignment

Try using the 'View as Student' option to test the assignment you just created. This will allow you to test your assignment within the student portal before students attempt it.

Step 5: Enroll your students

That's it! Time to enroll your students so they can complete your assignment(s).

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