Summative assessments are used to guarantee spontaneous output from students. This means that students only have one chance to respond to the prompt. To ensure spontaneity in student speech, activate the timers (time to review or time to respond) within the assessment parameters.

The other important piece of summative assessments is the scoring aspect. To create a rubric with point values, activate the “I will provide a numeric score” setting within the assessment parameters. Once you have done this, a customizable rubric will generate for you to fill in. These can be customized however you like.

Step 1: Create an assessment.

Step 2: Select show all parameters.

Step 3: Select "I will provide a numeric score” to create a customizable rubric or use one that you have created and saved on your account.

Step 4: Activate the timers (time to review or time to respond)

Step 5: Create your questions and remember that you can override the timers on each question.

Please watch the below video for a visual of these steps.

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