Step 1: Login to your Extempore account.

Step 2: Navigate to the Grading tab.

Step 3: Once on the grading screen, follow one of the 3 following steps to locate and View the assignment or assessment.




Filter by Class

Quick Search

Click View to start grading and providing feedback

Step 4: You’ll be taken to your chosen assessment and see the questions and students within the assessment.




Toggle to Grade by Student or by Question

Click 'Play' to listen to the student submission

Adjust the Playback Rate of the recording to save time

Step 5: If you chose to use a rubric, simply move the sliders to give the students their scores. Extempore keeps a running tally of the score for you and stores it within the Extempore Gradebook.

  • You may also enter text feedback (even if you’ve chosen not to use a rubric).

Step 6: When done with each student, click on Submit Feedback & Next Student to continue grading. When you reach the last student, the system will return you to the grading home screen.

For more information on Feedback, please check out the articles below.


Feedback with Examples

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