(If you do not follow the 3 requirements below the integration will not work properly)

  1. Enroll students by sharing the Extempore Class Enrollment Link

  2. A Rubric must be included on the Extempore assessment

  3. Students must access the assessment through Canvas

    1. If some student grades are not syncing, they most likely did not access the assessment through Canvas

The steps below must be taken to connect all assessments

Step 1: Create a Canvas assignment like you normally would within your course

Then scroll down to Submission Type and select “External Tool”


Find Extempore within your tools, then click Select.


Step 2: Save or Save and Publish the Assignment

Step 3: Log into Extempore.

You should only have to do this one time - by logging into Extempore from Canvas you link both accounts, which allows you to import assessments.


Step 4: Select which Extempore assessment you would like to connect to your Canvas assignment. Click “connect” to automatically insert it.


The button for the connected assessment will turn to "disconnect" and everything else will grey out:

You can now publish your assignment as you would normally do with any other Canvas assignment.

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