All of the features below are specifically designed with academic integrity in mind:


Start Date

  • The start date on Extempore controls when the assessment is available for students. Setting an assignment to open at a future time means that students will not be able to access the assessment until then.

Due Date

Publish Grades Manually

We recommend this feature for high-stakes assessments. By default, grades are set to publish immediately. When creating an assessment, select "publish grades manually" to control when students can see grades, feedback, and submissions. This prevents some students from seeing scores and answers before others can.

Randomized Questions

Allows questions to be randomized, removing numbered tiles and replacing them with ? tiles. This is configured in the teacher's preferences page.

Single-Attempt Questions

Prevents students from attempting a question more than once. If a student opens a single-attempt question and does not submit a response (due to refreshing the page, closing the browser, backing out, losing internet, etc.) the student will be locked out of the question. This is helpful for two reasons: (1) You know the student opened the question and viewed the contents, and (2) students cannot navigate back to the page after looking up an answer and try again. Instructors can always unlock attempts and allow students to attempt the question again.

Timed Limitations

Extempore means "spontaneous" in Latin and our proprietary timers ensure student responses are spontaneous and unscripted. Read more about timed limitations here. In short, here's how they work:

  • Time to Review - Limits the amount of time students have to review the prompt and prepare their responses. Recordings and time to respond timers begin automatically when time to review ends. If an audio or video file is present, timers will start once the file is done playing.

  • Time to Respond - Limits the amount of time students have to respond to a prompt.


Written Responses

Another safeguard on Extempore is the prevention of pasted text into responses. All written responses must be physically typed by the student.

Video Responses

Ensure the correct student is responding and that they are not reading from a script.

Multiple Choice

Answer choices on multiple choice questions are always randomized. This is particularly helpful when adding audio/video options for students.


Safe Mode

If you are concerned about the integrity of your assessments, Safe Mode is for you. You can read more about Safe Mode to see why it's the best way to secure your assessments. (Note: by default, Safe Mode is disabled in instructor accounts. To activate Safe Mode, visit your account preferences page)

Accepting Late Work

By default, students can submit responses after an assignment's due date, but these will be marked as ‘late’ on the grading tab. To prevent students from accessing an assessment after the closing date, disable this feature in your preferences.

Student Navigation Warnings

If students leave the Extempore tab during a single-attempt question, they will see a popup upon their return to the Extempore page, warning them that this activity has been recorded. On the grading page, teachers will be able to see the amount of times navigated away from the assessment.

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