Not seeing the preview video in the Extempore waiting room? Check out the video or step-by-step troubleshooting options below.

No preview video?

One of the 4 options below should resolve most camera or microphone issues on Extempore.

1. Make sure to Allow your Camera and Microphone

2. Check that the correct Camera or Microphone is being used

3. Turn off your Camera or Microphone on Zoom or Google Meet

4. Refresh by clicking "Extempore Student Portal" Logo

Check that your Camera and Microphone is allowed on Google Chrome

Step 1: Click the 'Lock' Icon in your Chrome search bar

Step 2: 'Allow' Camera and Microphone Access

Check that the correct Camera and Microphone is set to the default on Google Chrome

Step 1: Click on the 'Camera' in your Chrome search bar.

Step 2: Click 'Manage'

Step 3: Select Camera and/or Microphone

Step 4: Make sure you're using your devices default Camera and Microphone

Refresh by clicking on the Extempore Student Portal logo at the top of the page.

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