Step 1: If you haven’t already, set up an Extempore student account. Please review the Guides page for more information and detailed steps on how to do set yourself up.

Remember: you need an invitation from an instructor to set up a student account!

Step 2: Log in Use the username created for you, and whatever password you created.


Step 3: Tap on an assessment tile to see the questions If you have more than one class on your account, you’ll have to select the class first. In each tile, under the assessment name, you’ll see more information about what type of assessment it is: does it allow multiple attempts? Is it graded against a rubric? etc...


Step 4: Tap on a question to start answering Depending on which parameters your instructor has set up, you will be able to access the question multiple times, or only once. Please pay close attention to the warnings before you dismiss them!


Step 5: Review the question content and start recording


Step 6: Remember you need to tap twice to start recording: Tap once to activate the recording function, once again to start recording. You will see “ON AIR” pulsing as the recording is happening.


Step 7: Submit your answer: If your instructor configured the question to allow multiple attempts, you will see an option to re-record.


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