Extempore Groups are Asynchronous Discussion Boards. Students submit a response for group members to hear and respond when ready. Students will receive an email notification whenever a group members submits a response.

How timers work in Group Assessments

As with individual assessments, timers in a room limit how much time you have to prepare before you have to start recording your answer.

However, unlike with individual assessments, in a room you will need to listen to any other students answers before you submit yours.

If the group assessment has timers and your peers have already started answering, when you join the room you will see a button called "Play and Participate". This button will play all previous submissions, in sequence:

Rooms with Timers_1

After all submissions have been played, the recording window will automatically open:

Rooms with Timers_2

Please note that existing answers can only be played once. The system will remember which submissions have been played, and display them with a grey background:

Rooms with Timers_3

If you come into the rooms multiple times while the assessment is open, you will only be able to play new submissions.

Single Attempt Questions

If your instructor has configured the assessment to allow only one attempt (meaning that your submissions cannot be re-recorded before submitting), then you must submit after recording. If you record an answer but leave the page before submitting, you will see a pop-up warning. If you still proceed, your assessment will be marked as "Invalid":

Rooms with Timers_4

If you submit an invalid attempt, you can try again, but you will not be able to listen to existing submissions again.

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